The @ANTIBULLISMO Project was implemented thanks to the national fund of Law 285/97.

Financed by the Municipality of Catania Designed by the Futura 89 cooperative, a member cooperative of the IL NODO Consortium.

The project wanted to promote an aware and critical use of the web, in order to reduce and prevent the spread of the phenomenon of cyberbullying, as well as episodes of violence in the school and extracurricular context, through the Peer Education methodology.


The topics were addressed through the unconventional teaching method of experimental performance theatre, combining the artistic skills of Orazio Condorelli (theatre director) and the legal skills of Federica Cilia (network lawyer) Result? Two different and original formats “UBU-llism” AND “ARREVOLUTION”, with a single aim: to prevent and counteract – cyberbullying phenomena
Leader: Consorzio IL NODO

Project partners

2 schools 2 classes for each school 16 MEETINGS FOR EACH CLASS On the one hand the pupils of the Fermi-Eredia secondary school On the other the pupils of the Dusmet Doria secondary school in Librino