Curing the pandemic depends on the heroic efforts of health workers and researchers, but in stemming, circumscribing and blocking the spread of the virus, the real protagonists are us, the men and women of the globe, with our behaviour.

This is why, as SIPROIMI Catania and Acireale, we felt it our duty to be close to all those people living in foreign lands, who need to feel at home and understand the seriousness of the moment and the need to do their part, in a place and at a time in their lives when the meaning of things is necessarily blurred.

8 videos, in as many languages, which do not pretend to provide technical and hygiene dictates but speak to people, from the heart and with the most intimate means of communication for each human being: their own language and dialect. Bambara, Mandingo, Pulaar, French, Bengali, Arabic, Pashto, Urdu.

Our cultural mediators, also heroes of humanity together with all our operators of the residential services for Italian minors, unaccompanied foreign minors and adults, speak from the heart, to the heart of their compatriots, they look at the camera as if looking into the eyes of their potential sons or brothers.

A message as simple as it is fundamental: It depends on us, the sacrifice of our personal freedom, today, is the first medicine to take and share with others.

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